Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Calm before the Storm

 I am 37 weeks this week! It is so incredible that the LORD has carried us and Nehemiah this far. He is 6lbs now, maybe a bit more, and his fluids are stable and his heart hasn't gotten any worse. Praise be to our God!! He is so faithful to give us the strength and grace one day at a time. We are headed down to Stanford on the 9th of December to, LORD willing, go into natural labor and get to meet this little guy!! We know the mountains up ahead are beyond us, but they aren't beyond our God, He is limitless. Wow. LIMITLESS!! There is nothing He cannot do, no obstacle He cannot overcome, no trial will take us beyond His reach and out of His grasp. As we approach getting to meet our little boy, I feel more of the ripping questions of why? Why us? Why something so hard? Yet, I also feel the LORD's steady hand guiding us and reminding me that He is in control and He will NOT forsake us!! So, we will walk ahead with our hand in His hands. Nehemiah will probably be in the NICU for the first couple days while they do lots of tests and then they will talk about when to do heart surgery. So crazy this is all happening in two to three weeks! We are excited to see the hand of our great and awesome God at work!! All glory from our lives be to HIM alone!

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