Friday, December 23, 2011

Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer. -Rms 12:12

Nehemiah has been with us for 11 days! It seems like days fly by and at the same time we feel as if we've been here a lifetime. Each day has it's ups and downs. Today was a hard day. Nehemiah started desating more frequently today, which means the oxygen levels in his blood were going down- mostly when he was crying, but sometimes even at rest. They took an x-ray of his chest and decided to give him a blood transfusion as his red blood cell count was down. Poor little guy, I hate him having to be poked so many times. His little cry breaks my heart!! It was also stressful hearing his monitor constantly sounding because he was desating. Brad was so amazing, he's so calm and was able to calm him down and sat with him in his lap for most of the day. It doesn't look like Nehemiah will be coming home anytime soon as he is not gaining weight and is having this desat problem. They added formula to my milk to try and add calories so he will gain weight. They also did some more tests on his kidney to see if there is a blockage or something they might be able to fix to have his kidney function better. I am so torn. I really desire to have Nehemiah with us for years and years and yet thinking of all the surgeries he would have to endure breaks my heart. We will trust on the LORD's wisdom. He knows what is best for Nehemiah. We will love him for as long as the LORD gives us, whether days or weeks or years. Please pray that the LORD would be merciful to our sweet boy and keep him from much suffering. Please pray for us that we would have the strength to endure this trial and to continue to seek the LORD, rejoicing in hope, being patient in suffering and persevering in prayer.

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