Monday, December 26, 2011

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!

We found out today that Nehemiah's creatinine level is down to .9!!! It was down to 1.4 yesterday, which we were amazed at because it was 1.8 the day before. The heart Dr.s originally said that his level would have to be below 1 to be considered for heart surgery, and here we are!! The NICU attending has told us that the heart Dr.s would re-evaluate with the kidney Dr.s, but that it doesn't mean that surgery is guaranteed. Nehemiah is on oxygen again because he is desating so much, his little heart needs surgery! They have also put him on antibiotics for a urinary infection that they think is caused by a "pocket" in his kidney that is storing up urine with no outlet. He is scheduled for an MRI tomorrow at 11am for them to get a good look at his kidney and to see if there is anything they can do to increase the function even more. Please pray that all things go according to our Fathers will and that He would guard and protect little Nehemiah. We are blessed to have had two whole weeks with our sweet boy, he is two weeks old today! It is amazing that for the past two weeks we have basically sat in a chair taking turns holding out baby and yet time has flown. It actually seems we don't have enough time! We have to force ourselves to take time to eat and to try and get sleep. It is an exhausting time, but the LORD is providing day by day as he leads all three of us in this wilderness. We know that His will is perfect and that He is with us! Thank you all for your prayers. We know the LORD is hearing and answering before our eyes. How amazing, how awesome is our God!!


  1. Praying for you daily. It is amazing how the Lord provides and gives us sweet times despite all the tears. You are a light to so many people because of your faith. And Praise God that Nehemiah's health seems to he improving so he can have surgery! Much love to you three.

  2. Thanks Carrie :) It is amazing how much sweet time the LORD gives us in the midst of hard truly is trusting day by day.